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We are a manufacturer-direct source of wire mesh, construction materials and finished products, offering a one-stop-supplier used in the commercial, residential, and light industrial fields etc., BoNi company has grown on a significant scale year on year to become one of the largest and most well-equipped manufacturers of wire mesh in China. Relying on our extensive knowledge of the market and continuous product innovation, we have developed a large range of products and offer expanded metal in steel, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum in various sizes, widths, and meshes.

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  • Expanded Metal wide usage

    Expanded metal is manufactured from a sheet of metal using a shear-form process. It’s fed under a set of knives, and slit and simultaneously stretched–not punched–producing a uniform diamond-patterned mesh. Its single-piece composition results in a very high strength-to-weight ratio, unlike other...


    HOW IS EXPANDED METAL MADE? The process for creating expanded metal was first developed and patented in the 1880’s in Hartlepool, UK. Despite technological advancements, the modern process for expanding metal remains similar to the original technique. What Is Expanded Metal? Expanded metal is pla...

  • Difference Between Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal and Wire Mesh

    If you are looking for a product that will allow ventilation, drainage, or perhaps add a decorative touch, your three main choices are Expanded Sheet Metal, Perforated Sheet Metal, or Welded/Woven Wire Mesh. So which one do you choose and why? There are three main differences between expanded met...

  • Basic Tiv Thaiv Ntsuas los tiv thaiv Tus Tshiab coronavirus

    Hi there~ We hope everything with you and your family is fine. As our important partners, we care about your health. Here we’d like to share some useful tips for you to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Protect Yourself Frequently wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seco...

  • Vietnam Expo 2019 opens nyob rau hauv HCM City

    Lub teb chaws Nyab Laj International Trade Ncaj Ncees - Vietnam Expo 2019 nyob rau Kaum Ob Hlis 4-7 nyob rau hauv teb chaws Nyab Laj lub yav qab teb Ho Chi Minh City, sib sau ua ke ib co 800 npe los ntawm 20 lub teb chaws thiab regions. Qhov kev tshwm sim coj qhov chaw ua ke nrog lub International Exhibition rau Hardware thiab cuab yeej rau tes 2019, aiming rau tsim ...